Long time no blog. October was just mental. No sugar coating in here folks. While I honestly think it went by in a blink of an eye, I also feel that it lasted forever. Assessments, work, volunteering a few hangovers here and there from some nights with friends .. it all took over my life. Now, November is finally here and while I write this, a crowd is over at the Glasgow Green area for the fireworks (it's the 4th of November, just so you know) which, another year I missed and I have never been to since I moved to Scotland. Shame on me. But, this month awaits and here are the plans and goals I have set to myself:

First, trying to get MORE organised. I am pretty sure this was included in my last Issue but things aren't still quite like how I would like them to be and doing essays at the very last minute or not having time to post not even once a week is something that is just not right. 

On the other hand, what is definitely right is me going on a spending ban. It is indeed a bit ridiculous to even do this doing Christmas but I've started about a month ago and I am not giving in. Obviously, this does not include any purchases made for Christmas presents and I will still allow myself a little treat. It's also worth mentioning that this means no make-up or skincare will be bought. There's an in and out system in place and I really must use up what I've got. I'll be sharing my thoughts here on the blog. 

To go together with the spending ban, I am also going on a selling spree on Depop. I will be having a massive clear out and more things will be added over the next week or so. Find me under the username 'teresamaria' and grab yourself a bargain peeps. 

Finally, a little trip to Aberdeen will be happening towards the end of the month. It will just be good to go away for a weekend a be somewhere where I've never been. Also, there's flights to London booked for January for Paul's birthday and probably we'll be going to the Harry Potter world cuz, ya know .. we're weird like that and that's how we roll. 

What are your plans for November?