Although Scotland has been fairly grey all summer long, October has finally arrived and Autumn feels now more real than never. I guess I could say that I definitely belong to that group of people that see September as a new beginning; like a brand new year. If you're starting/going back to university or school that is even more noticeable. It's the getting back or the starting of a new routine that plays a determining role in that feeling. In the spirit of new routines and new starts, I felt it was time for another round up of things and bring to you a October issue and what's in for me throughout this month. 

1 | Everyone around me seems to be planning or booking a holiday at the moment. Paul and I unfortunately don't have anything on the cards as we finally got round to go to the bank and get some more details regarding getting a mortgage. No holidays for us until we get our own place. We plan to do it in the next six months so right now, I'm counting down the days and saving (almost) every penny. 

2 | Since the start of university my days don't seem to be long enough. I've always been great at keeping everything organised in my little brain: dates, times, appointments, things to do ... but now it has taken a real turn and I find myself relying on a planner for every single thing. With working, volunteering, studying and everything life related I am definitely trying my very best to stay organised. This is also something that has been affecting my post schedule; at the moment is pretty much non-existent as I just can't get around to do everything. Soon to be more consistent though. In the spirit of organisation, I cannot wait for the 2016 planners to come out in the Novelle Daily shop. Yay new stationery. 

3 | Declutter. I need a cleaning/throw out/sell/give to charity or friends spree; I feel that I've got far too much. Maybe I'm just itching for minimalism, I don't know. I'm planning on packing lots of decoration bits we have on the flat. There are things that I want to keep and bring with us to a new home but 
as for now I can't seem to feel that they belong here and I haven't found the perfect place for them. The same goes for clothing. I definitely need to get moving and sell or give the pile of clothes I've grown out of. 

4 | I am trying to make an effort and eat more healthier but having an other half around that enjoys every piece of bad, unhealthy food under the sun makes things so much harder. I was a gym bunny in the past and I really miss it. I'm guilty of not going back to it as I know that the hardest part is just to start. Once you get into the swing of things, you won't want anything else. 

5 | Glasgow has such a big music scene, it's unreal that I don't actually ever go to a gig. Must try and change this. No holidays to plan .. the perfect excuse to spend some money on the music culture. 

What will you be up to this month?