Today I thought I would initiate a share post which can include anything from movies, blogs, YouTube channels or even the restaurant around the corner. In this particular case, it will be a Brazilian blog called Um Ano Sem Zara which means 'A Year Without Zara'. And yes, by Zara it does mean the brand. With the trend of capsule wardrobes, minimalism and massive clear outs happening at the moment, I thought this was a great opportunity to introduce you to this inspirational blog. If you have been trying to save money, go on a shopping ban and simply just use and work with what you already have in your wardrobe then keep reading. 

Joanna or Jojo (the blogger) started this little space back in 2011. If you read her very first post, in the funniest of ways, she explains the whole reason for creating A Year Without Zara. Long story short, she founds herself nearly being kicked out from where she lives but also, in a lot of debt with credit card bills. In her words, she makes a mention to how a 27 year old should invest in more important things rather than clothes; it's questionable - she says. However, low self-esteem coming from having gained a few extra pounds and as an appreciation to those with savings accounts, she promises to not shop (in any store, not just Zara) for a whole year. Lucky her, that was also a leap year so the calender included 366 days without clothes shopping. The blog is then used a space for posting the outfits that she creates with whatever she already owned and also to write about a bit of her everyday life. 

More than a year has obviously passed and the blog has grown a lot; but, she accomplished her goal. If you're looking for inspiration to keep yourself right, go back and have a read. Unfortunately she doesn't write in English; you could probably translate the website using Google but even if you just want to look at her outfits and take some ideas .. fashion is universal. 

I hope you enjoy having a look through this or even be inspired by her success story. We buy so many things that we don't actually need or grow out of so fast. Re-think your purchases. I personally tend to give it a few days before going back to the store to buy something. My motto is: 'if I don't stop thinking about it, then I'm going to buy it'. A spending ban or a clear out is never easy but it's so worth it in the end. 

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