A lot of factors differentiate a female from a male but one of the most obvious is: we like to shop. We simply like to spend our money in clothes, accessories and beauty and they are never too many for us; so, it's good to prioritise and know where our money is worth being spend or saved. 

I am really picky about anything; I won't buy the first thing I see and some times it seems impossible to buy anything at all as I just can't find something I like. Here's a round up of my clothing and accessories picks, where I spend or save and why. 

Coats - my biggest obsession; for me there's no such thing as too many coats and the more the better. All colours, styles and materials. I will spend my money on a coat. I love them and they last you a good time. Also, as I live in Scotland I will most definitely use them often - come winter or summer. 

Shoes - another piece I will splurge on due to its lasting quality. Good shoes can last you years and a pair of shoes is so versatile giving you so many uses with so many outfits. It's hard to grow out of shoes the same way it may happen with a top. But, the only shoes I do not splurge on are ballerina flats. With all the rain in Scotland there's really no much point; I buy them at Primark mostly for no more than £8 and let's just say that my collection has achieved a pretty decent size. 

Bags - this one depends a lot; normally, my bags are mostly black, they go with anything and last me forever therefore I won't mind to spend a little more and get that bag I've been eyeing for ages. However, I am currently trying to control bag purchases as after a certain amount and styles have been purchased, it stops being justifiable to get another black handbag *sighs*.

Jeans - I find it really hard to find jeans that I like and suit me and that is pretty much my condition to buy them; nothing else. Therefore, my favourite shops for jeans are River Island, Gap and Topshop. I used to love some jeans from Forever 21 but somehow I can't find that specific style anymore. However, for the past year or so I've getting more and more disappointed with Topshop. Although I love their black Joni jeans, after the first wash I notice a significant difference on the colour. Also, given the thin material (I reckon) they end up ripping so easily on your inner tights; happened to me a few times and also to a few of my friends. It just feels like a waste of money if you need to buy new jeans every 3 months. I still love you Topshop. 

Anything else, tops, jewellery and anything you can think of, I would normally save on. I am a big H&M lover which is pretty affordable. However, lately I've been investing a little more on some basic tops and jumpers. I am pretty basic when it comes to my upper body clothing; grey, white, black and dark blue are my go to basic colours. Therefore, I've been trying to stock some more long lasting/better quality basics which are just everyday staple pieces for me. Every now and again, like anyone else, I might go for the little splurge on something that I would normally not spend much on. After all, you need to live a little and take a walk on the wild side and all that jazz ...

Where do you like to splurge on and what item do you obsess about?