Many moons ago, my young teenager self decided to create a blog. I can't really recall why. However, I remember it was summer holidays and I had far too much free time on my hands. I could definitely say that I've always been someone who enjoys writing and my obsession for buying notebooks can speak for itself. At the time I guess I just wanted a more 'interactive' space where I could not only write but also customise it to reflect my personality. Who knows what you want when you are a teenager ... 
With that said, the creation of such space and all the free time I had available contributed to me learning a lot about HTML through a process of trial and error. I even developed a huge interest into creating templates and the whole coding process. 

Today I can say I've forgot most of it but it still comes back to me after a while. It's like riding a bike, without having to leave your couch though. 
The thing is, times have changed, years have passed and I've grown up quite a bit. I now have other interests and motivations but the writing bug has never disappeared. Therefore, it has been a long time coming since I have even considered to create this blog. But the more I thought about it, the more it seemed like it was something I could really enjoy. 

The world of beauty is huge and as I started to learn more about it and have a bigger interest on make-up, skincare and all things related, the more I realised I was leaving products behind which after some time I either couldn't recall the name or even if it had been beneficial for me in any way. 
To stop that from happening and also because I love photography and the whole dynamics of a blog so much, I though that perhaps I could put something out there that could be useful for other as well. In theory I could just do an empties diary but what would be the fun of that ... 

This might be a long shot but bare with me while I share with you my thoughts on all things beauty and mundane. 

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