I had a completely different post planned for today but, the time I have been spending on Pinterest has left me utterly obsessed with interiors (if that's even possible). So, this Sunday I come to you with another non-beauty subject. 

It has been a long time coming since I started becoming a little impatient about getting my own flat. I've been renting properties since I moved to Scotland, 4 years ago. It's not a great deal of time if we take into account people that do it since they are 18 until about their late 20s. And truth to be told, I have been fairly lucky with flats I've rented in the past - good conditions, space and most of all, good landlords. Now is no exception: Paul and I live in an old tenement flat in the west area of Glasgow which is very sought after. The flat has high ceilings (obviously), spacious rooms and the rent is good enough to still leave you with money at the end of the month. 

I moved into this flat last March 2014 and Paul moved in December of the same year. It hasn't been that long and I honestly don't understand why am I suddenly getting so annoyed with the rental situation as I never cared this much before. I suppose it must be due to the fact that we often speak about getting a place of our own and we know that both of us wish to build a life with each other (how cheesy of me). However, despite the fact that we are actually in the process of starting to look into buying a place we might just end up staying here for a little while. 

A few points that definitely make me want to have my own place include  things like our landlord not allowing anything that implies doing holes on the walls which makes things a bit hard if you want to hang any pictures - therefore, our walls are pretty damn bare! Still about the walls ... they are cream. Beige, yellowish, something - and I hate it. I positively think that if we had white walls, the flat would seem so much brighter! And this is where everything started. My lengthy browses through Pinterest made me decide to not only paint some furniture but also give it a try and change the walls to white - I am sure the landlord won't even notice to be very honest. The carpet which covers the whole flat is yet another thing I would definitely change if I could, specially when I know that we have wooden floorboards underneath it. But oh well, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change as they say. 

This leads to how (far too) often I find myself stalking Katie's (Gh0stparties) and Rebecca's  (From Roses) instagram so, I knew it was time to react and change a few things (whatever can in fact be changed). Here are some inspirational pictures that trigger all this ...








 By the time you read this, I already have planned a trip to Homebase and Ikea and will be soon covered in paint!

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  1. I love the style of the interiors you shared. Especially the wooden desk top!

    Amy - http://fourcatsplusus.co.uk