When I first started purchasing skincare products I didn't even know about the existence of different skin types. Back then, I was just a teenager wearing some concealer and a black Kohl pencil under my waterline and wanted something to wash my face. These were exactly my thoughts. Scary right? Brands such as Clearasil and Clean and Clear were great at that age. When that stopped working I moved on to Garnier face washes. This was all alright at the time as I've always been lucky with my complexion and my skin has been very clear with the occasional breakout. Maybe it was because I wasn't really wearing that much make-up so when that changed, so did my skin. Fast forwarding to now, my skincare choices changed a whole lot. I surely don't just pick some random face wash and I actually try to maintain a skincare routine.

I find important to talk about skin types as this has major influence on the products we should be buying. Nowadays, the blogs we read, the videos we watch on YouTube and all the reviews which are now available at the distance of a simple click will impact the choices we make. Surely having the opinion of someone who has tried the product is rather helpful but in my case, before I go by someone else's opinion, I always make sure to know their skin type too and if that particular product could suit me too. I find that this goes not only for skincare but some make-up as well.

Therefore, for future reference in this blog, I would consider myself to have a normal to oily skin. In a warm environment I can be sure to expect my make-up to melt away and a lot of shine. Heat is obviously something that completely brings up the oily side of my skin and then breakouts happen. Good thing I live in Scotland and warm weather is something we haven't been blessed with. However, the fact that my part-time job includes many hours of me running about ... doesn't help. So there are a few steps that I always try to do to prevent things from going the wrong way and keep my skin at its best. These include having a steady skincare routine and choosing the right products. I'm sure we all can agree that in order to even being able to do this and to know what it's best for our skin, we must be able to identify our skin type.

What about you guys, how long did it take for you to find out your actually skin type? What's your must-do to keep your skin happy?

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