Every once in a while I am hoping to do a different type of posts which will be a little more personal and that will reflex my opinion and experience in specific situations or subjects. I hereby must declare that I am no expert in any given topics however I truly believe that some times it's good to hear or read from someone who has been there or done it before and what are their thoughts. After all, isn't what we do - everyday - when we read our holy beauty blogs? And I couldn't be more grateful for them. 

The subject is not the most conventional on this one. Contraception surely is not a topic that we just pick over lunch or drinks with friends but is still present in our everyday lives. In my case, as any other gal, I used to take the pill and had always been very responsible about it. So when I heard about a contraceptive injection that would enable you to forget about contraception during a whole period of 12 weeks ... I was thrilled. 

I am not going to go into a very detailed description of this as if interested, you can always have a look through the NHS website. However, I can tell you that my selling point to try this method was the fact that most women would stop having a period altogether. It is ridiculous but we all know well how much hassle that time of the month is for us. So, I went to my GP and after a short chat about what this is, side effects and other options of contraception, I then started taking the injection every 3 months. Everything was going well until I started to notice some of the side effects. They warn you for some breast tenderness but in my case it reach the point of me not being able to sleep on my side with my arm on top of my breast. But the worst was the acne and that's why I decided to write this post. I wish I had been able to have access to more testimonials rather than just the standard list of side effects which come with the injection itself. 

My once clean and clear complexion became more spotty than ever. And unfortunately they weren't just the regular superficial spots ... it was that under skin, enormous and painful acne. Nothing would clear my skin. Nothing that I had used before, nothing new that I decided to try. I had never seen my skin in such a bad state. In the beginning I didn't care much and didn't even connected both things. It wasn't until I had tried every product under the sun that I started to think what had changed and when was it that I started the path to destruction of my complexion. I now decided not to take the injection anymore as I don't think the side effects are worth the rest. Specially when your skin ends up in such a bad state that you don't even feel good about yourself. 

Now my skin is finally clearing up and I just wish I had stop this method sooner. Bare in mind, not everyone reacts the same way and I'm merely expressing my experience so it will perhaps serve as a reference for someone else. 

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