A couple of years ago, back when my interest in make-up was definitely not as big as it is now this foundation was very much adored. I was over in America for my brother's wedding when one day decided to head over to MAC and with the help of a member of staff I left the store with a much lighter wallet. Of all the stores I could have gone to, I went to MAC. That's to show you that I didn't really know what I was doing. But you gotta start somewhere, right?

According to the official merchandiser, the Matchmaster Foundation includes in its composition pigments which enable the foundation to adjust to your skin tone in order to give you a flawless medium coverage. And it also has SPF 15 so was the ideal choice for the LA weather at the time. Sounds like the dreamy foundation. And it was - it easily became a favourite of mine and I remember wearing it every-single-day. But then, I lost interest and the few times I went back for it, I hated it. 

However, some weeks ago, I decided to give it a try again. As I was organizing my foundation stash, I was also looking for something with a decent coverage that I could use at work without feeling the need to peel my make-up off after 2 hours into my shift. Because my current job involves far too much running about and warm environments, I tend to not worry a lot about my make-up and in fact try to wear foundations that I don't like so much anymore. I normally just want something that will even out my skin tone nicely enough and that keeps the shine at bay. 

So I went back to try the Matchmaster and it was better than what I expected. The medium coverage is pretty decent specially if you like light foundations. The finish is slightly dewy giving you a flawless and even complexion. I used this with and without a setting powder as well as with and without primer and I must say that it's great at keeping that shine under control. I also found that even after long periods of wearing it, didn't seem to crease at all - t-zone included. I have the shade 1.5 and all around I see why this can be a really good product however, it has a unusual yellow undertone to it and that is why I am not completely sold on this one. Some days it works out quite well but some others, maybe my skin just doesn't collaborate and it gives me a bit of an ill look. No one wants that. 

If I would repurchase this? Probably not. I actually have no idea if they have reformulated the Matchmaster since I bought it but I have experienced other foundations that work better for me. 

Have you ever tried the Matchmaster Foundation? What are your thoughts?

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