It's finally here! - and by here I mean in my hands. Although, I have a confession to make: I never bought any of the Urban Decay palettes except the first Naked Basics. I always felt that not all the shades were for me so I wouldn't really get a great use out of them. However, if I had to pick one of the 3 I would probably have bought the Naked 2

But now, the Smoky is upon us and I really appreciate how you they have combined matte and shimmery, nude and darker tones all in one. You get 12 shades which are soft, very pigmented and easily blendable with a long lasting stay power. 

On the left side of the palette you will find the shimmery shades in a range of warm bronzes which includes a beautiful cream colour with a very light rose hue to it, a light bronze, a dark bronze, a silver taupe and also a metallic grey (High, Dirtysweet, Radar, Armor and Slanted). Following on to matte shades, Dagger, Black Market and Smolder go by a dark grey, a black shade and a dark purple/plum specifically. These are the darkest colours of the entire palette. On the right side you can find a combination of matte browns. Password is your light regular taupe, Whiskey your standard dark matte brown, Combust a very pretty cream skin toned pink and Thirteen I would say its a very light cream/beige. 

I find this new addition to be the perfect selection to create a day to night look and the perfect addition to any make-up collection. I definitely can see myself using it everyday from now on. 

Have you splurged on the new Naked Smoky Palette? What are your thoughts?

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